Information about Spaced

How it works

    How spaced works

    1. Discover Spaces

    Discover spaces nearby. From the most unique venues to top-line spaces exclusive to Spaced, we have the right spaces and venues for every budget.

    2. Request Information

    Have questions about a space/venue, equipment, or need and technician or catering for your session? Use our site messaging to communicate directly with Spaces.

    3. Request Booking

    Use our platform to send booking requests and get confirmation within minutes. You will only be charged when the host accepts the booking.

    How hosting works

    1. List your space for free

    Set your price, add photos and details, then your listing is ready to be seen by people searching for space.

    2. Welcome guests to your space

    Message with guests and accept bookings through the Spaced platform. Once you confirm, your guests will be charged and receive booking confirmation. You can send specific information via messaging system. 

    3. Get paid every time

    Guests are charged upfront through Spaced’s secure payment system (via Stripe Connect). Your payout is directly deposited into your bank account after each booking, minus our 10% service fee.

    Service Fees

    Listing with Spaced is free, we only charge commission when a user books your venue through our payment systems. Our charges are:

    a. Transaction charges for hosts: Spaced retains 10% of each booking as a transaction fee. This amount is deducted from the booking total amount when you accept a booking request. Please make sure that you also included all local taxes, fees, and account for any other expenses in your hourly price offered, since Spaced does not and is not liable to pay for these. You are also responsible for reporting all income generated from bookings per government and local regulations and codes. We may withhold a booking transaction in the event of a dispute or other event per the Services Agreement.

    b. Booking charges for users: Spaced charges 10% for the total of each booking as a service fee. This amount is automatically added to the total amount shown on the booking total prior to a booking request being sent. This amount is charged to the account you entered for payment when a booking request is accepted. All booking requests will automatically expire 24 hours after sent if not accepted by the  listing owner. In the event of a dispute or other event, the transaction amount may be withheld per the Services Agreement.

    Questions? Feel free to get in touch by clicking here

    P.S. - We're a new startup, so if you have any feedback or any questions, we would love to hear from you.